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Work Experience


Strong Hold

Ecommerce Manager

When I was brought on at Strong Hold, I was asked to be the web master and bring Strong Hold in to the 21st century. My primary focus was to build the Strong Hold storefront and improve direct online sales. In 2019 Strong Hold was averaging $11,000/year in ecommerce sales.In 2022 we are on pace to hitting $1.2 Million in revenue.

New Peaks Marketing

Founder / Digital Marketing Specialist

New Peaks Marketing was my first attempt at starting my own business. I was able to build many connections through my involvement with the American Advertising Federation and working for a marketing agency. I leveraged these connections to build a network of freelancers to start my own mini marketing agency.




Digital Marketing Coordinator

Makespace! was my first real role in the tech industry. I started as an Account Manager where I was told to manage 20+ active website builds within my first week of being there. It was very much a sink or swim scenerio, but, with the help of some amazing co-workers, I was able to be successful in my role.

Jewish Community Center

Personal Trainer

Physical fitness has always been a major part of my life. In highschool I competed in physical fitness competitions - think crossfit games for JROTC cadets. So I thought that personal training would be an excellent career choice for me. After about 2 years of training professionally, I realized that the work was not as fulfilling as I hoped it'd be. It was time to turn my attention to Business Marketing.



Workout Anytime

Sales Associate

I started off doing sales for Workout Anytime with a plan to become a Personal Trainer eventually. While at Workout Anytime, I learned how to sell gym memberships, and how to sell them well. I quickly became the top sales person, leading membership sales several months in a row, despite being in the worst location.

All good things must come to an end.